Screening centre annual fee

BCSA screening centre annual fee payments

The BCSA annual subscription is for the work that the Joint Advisory Group (JAG) office undertakes in hosting the Bowel Cancer Screening (BCS) accreditation programme in joint partnership with Public Health England (PHE) (now NHS England screening team). This fee involves the following: 

  • Supporting the BCS accreditation of colonoscopy screeners at screening centres. Providing required support during the assessment to programme managers, administrators and candidates


  • Administration of applications including processing screener request forms, reviewing candidate's applications, scheduling external assessors for colonoscopy assessments, inputting assessment scores, creating and sending out results letters, reports and certifications
  • Keeping records and liaising with NHSEI regarding candidate status', information about accreditation assessments, and of any BCSA developments
  • Hosting, operating and maintaining the BCSA website including provision of learning resources to support candidates
  • Hosting of the BCS accreditation and MCQ panel committees and managing required clinical leadership time

Please note that the BCSA annual subscription fee for screening centres is separate from the JAG annual subscription. 

How often does this occur: annually 

Who is contacted: screening centre programme managers and centre directors

  • The screening centre will receive communication from the BCSA office team alerting them that the invoice is to be issued shortly and to provide a purchase order (PO) number for the payment required  for the invoice after the invoice is raised on the BCSA side. 


  • If your screening centre has not paid for the invoice, a member of the BCSA office team will be following up with the contact of your centre to ensure payment is received. 

Keeping your contacts up to date with the BCSA office team: please ensure the contact(s) for your screening centres who manages correspondences for the screening centre annual fee payments are up to date. Please contact if the contact provided no longer works within the team or trust.