Assessment outcome

Feedback to candidates

Provisional results and feedback will be given to candidates in private after the assessment; this will take a maximum of 10 minutes.

Assessors will also complete the DOPS assessment form. and using the assessor declaration and candidate feedback form they will also record written feedback on specific areas of good practice and on areas for further training and development. 

Assessors will recommend either that the candidate be accredited or that they undergo a period of further endoscopic professional development.

The results will be checked and processed by the JAG office team and once all elements of the assessment are complete the results of the assessment will be provided to the candidate, their mentor and their screening centre director.

Candidates meeting the criteria

If all the criteria are met the candidate will be accredited and informed by email.

Accredited candidates cannot commence screening colonoscopies until they have received their letter and certificate from JAG.

Screening centre programme managers will require a copy of this for file and quality assurance.

Successful candidates who are accredited screeners may then perform screening colonoscopy. The first two lists must be performed with supervision from their BCSA mentor, focusing on polypectomy technique and skills using the DOPyS framework.

Candidates not meeting the criteria

If the candidate does not meet the criteria, the assessors will make recommendations on further development and training needs as listed on the feedback form. Results will be assembled by the BCSA administrator and candidates will be informed by email.

If a candidate does not meet the criteria at their first assessment they are eligible for one more attempt in the 12-month period, with two alternative assessors. If they fail to meet the criteria at that second attempt they cannot reapply until 12 months after the date of the first attempt and will be required to reapply for the programme in full and resit both the MCQ and DOPS assessment regardless of their previous attempts.

During DOPS assessment retakes, the internal and external assessors must be different from those who led the first DOPS assessment.  


Candidates may appeal against the assessment process but not the judgement of the assessors.

Appeals should be made in writing to and should explicitly detail why the candidate believes the assessment process was not followed.

Appeals will be reviewed by the manager and chair of the accreditation panel. Where necessary, the assessors involved in the assessment will be contacted to discuss the specifics of the case.

Candidates appealing following an assessment will be contacted in writing with the outcome of the appeal.