Criteria for continued accreditation

There is an expectation that BCSA accredited colonoscopists will begin screening as soon as possible (within three months) after their successful accreditation.

In exceptional circumstances it may be accepted that commencing screening may be delayed for no more than 12 months. If a BCSA endoscopist does not start screening following 12 months, accreditation will only be permitted, subject to satisfactory audit data being submitted to the JAG office and approved by the chair of the accreditation panel.

Programme KPIs will be monitored by the regional screening QA service (SQAS). Failure to meet required standards as deemed by SQAS will result in notification to the accreditation panel. The accreditation panel will then inform the screener and screening centre director that accreditation has been withdrawn. Once accreditation has been withdrawn the colonoscopist will be required to wait 12 months before being able to reapply for accreditation.