All candidates must have a mentor to support them through the accreditation process and to give them the best chance of passing the assessment process.

Candidates should have a minimum of three meetings with their mentor preparing for their accreditation and for the role of a screener. This should include observing scoping. The mentor is not necessarily a trainer or assessor but can share their experiences and help in the preparation process. The mentor would usually, but not necessarily, be based at the same screening centre as the applicant.
The role of the mentor is to:

  • Prepare and support new (and existing) colleagues
  • Facilitate training and encourage personal professional development
  • Offer support on endoscopic practice and technique if there are problems in the assessments or in clinical practice.

Mentors should be:

  • Be fully accredited screening colonoscopists
  • Meet the BCSA QA standards for colonoscopy
  • Be TCT trained
  • Be supported by their Screening Centre Director
  • Have attended any form of mentorship training day (generic mentorship training provided by local trust/organisation). 


Enhanced mentorship route

To find more out more about the enhanced mentorship programme for prospective Bowel Cancer Screening colonoscopists see the enhanced mentorship proposal document.