Preparation for assessment

Key learning
Candidates should do the following preparation prior to undertaking assessment:
  • familiarise themselves with the forms that will be used for assessment. These are all available to view and download on the assessment forms page.

There is also a collation of various books, links and documents that have been suggested as useful further reading. These are available from the further reading page. 

Engage with local team

Candidates should gain understanding of BCSA processes by engaging with their local screening team. Please be aware that:

  • BCSA lists may be used for aspirant screening colonoscopists to gain experience once that they are committed to going through the assessment process with an assessment date booked. Aspirant screeners should already be in a position to submit audit data showing they meet the required KPIs and should have started the application process to become a BCSA screening colonoscopist.
  • The trainer (who must have attended a JAG approved ‘train the colonoscopy trainer’ course) must be confident about the level of technical competency of the aspirant screener before experience is gained on BCSA lists. The trainer should be confident that the candidate is of an appropriately high level to ensure quality and comfort. The trainer must accept the responsibility to properly supervise the aspirant screener. The performance data from the lists will be attributed to the accredited screening Endoscopist on the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme IT system.
  • It is not permitted to use BCSA lists for routine training for colonoscopy. The BCS accreditation panel has agreed that BCSA patients can only be used when supporting candidates in preparation leading up to a BCSA assessment and not to be used for other training or for pre-accreditation training courses.

Preparation courses

Candidates can seek to get external support by attending an accreditation preparation course. Please note:

  • Pre-accreditation preparation days are not mandatory. If you wish to attend one of these they can be accessed via the JETS website and searching by course type, or by contacting the endoscopy training centres directly to negotiate a suitable date. Alternatively you may wish to make an informal arrangement with colleagues who have already been through the BCS accreditation process to undertake a direct observation of procedural skills (DOPS) with you.

  • Candidates planning to attend a pre-accreditation preparation day should do so at least 6 weeks before the assessment date.

  • Assessment by the person who carried out the pre-accreditation preparation would constitute a conflict of interest and in such cases candidates should alert the BCSA administrator at the JAG office in order to ensure different assessors for the assessment accreditation.